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We would like for you to know more about IRCHA the organization as we are more than just an annual event.

2020 Jamboree Expense Statement

The IRCHA Jamboree means many things to people. For some, it is a place to get together with friends. For others, it is an opportunity to see their favorite pilot in person, and others are there to do business. The 2020 IRCHA Jamboree was very different from any of the previous Jamborees we had planned. Planning during these uncertain times was a challenge. The “Jamboree” is an event that is produced by the IRCHA organization. It is the largest model helicopter event globally held at the International Aeromodelling Center (IAC) centrally located Muncie, IN. While there are only five Board Members of the IRCHA organization, this event would not be possible without dedicated volunteers. While most IRCHA members have attended the Jamboree, some of the members have not. For those unfamiliar with the IRCHA Jamboree, I will rewind just a bit. “IRCHA” is the International Radio Control Helicopter Association. The organization was put in place to create a Special Interest Group (SIG) focused exclusively on model helicopters and its evolution of technology and skills. The Jamboree is not IRCHA; it is merely the most visible operational part of the organization.

The 2020 IRCHA Jamboree was an event we were not sure we would be having. Much of the United States had travel restrictions, mask requirements, and maximum attendance limits. We were unsure of our ability to move forward with the event until the actual first day of the Jamboree due to health department requirements. Overall, the event took place without any problems. The five-day, Wednesday through Sunday, event had everything we had hoped for! Great weather, lots of flying, great demos, and pilot give-a-ways. With nearly 200 registered pilots and 50 spectators, attendance was excellent, especially since we had no pilots or companies from Asia or Europe. The attendance is lower than past peak attendance of over 1,000 but far more than expected under these circumstances. Pro-pilots from Futaba, Miniature Aircraft, Kontronik, Peak Aircraft, and Horizon Hobby were all out and about flying and helping those in need.

A wide spectrum of model helicopter flying was easily found during the IRCHA Jamboree. Scale flying, speed flying, 3D, precision (F3C) aerobatics were all disciplines displayed. Expertise, stories, and questions were swapped all day and into the night. There was even a large showing of “vintage” helicopter models dating back to the hobby’s beginning. Finally, sprinkled in throughout the five days were events to participate in. Some events even had a “handicap” if you were NOT a pro pilot. The handicap helped level the field and promote participation. Events like the Lily Pad Hop (timed to land in several pads), drag racing (always popular), and autorotation accuracy

had great participation from pilots and spectators. The Saturday night festivities began with our famous Battle of the Brands and ended with a nighttime “King of the Midnight Sun.” What happened after the King of the Midnight Sun, you had to be present to experience.

Make your plans for the 2021 IRCHA Jamboree!

Below are explanations for the financial summary of the IRCHA Jamboree and the table of finances below.

Fuel and Travel – Fuel and Travel covers expenses associated with getting everyone and everything in place for the Jamboree to take place.

Food – Covers the expenses associated with the event in relation to food, we feed many of the volunteers who spend days setting up for the event.

Helicopter Nationals – The IRCHA organization is responsible for hosting the United States Helicopter Nationals. NATS is scheduled back to back with the Jamboree to save costs and resources. As a Special Interest Group for the AMA, we take on this event’s organization every year.

Supplies – Before the Jamboree opens, the field is painted. Paint directs where tents are set up, carts are allowed, and walkways are organized. Pilot badges printed, along with the signs directing pilots and spectators.

Member Items – The Member Items category includes T-Shirts and armbands for the Jamboree.

Room and Board – This line item includes Hotel Rooms and a Rental RV for the hosts. An RV supports a board member staying at the field almost 24 hours a day during the event. During the Jamboree, we have had countless occurrences where swift action from the IRCHA Board must be taken, day and night. Injuries and other events require board attention during all hours. The RV supports an IRCHA board member being onsite 24/7.

Equipment Rental – This line item covers all of the equipment which is rented for the event, such as a storage trailer for the event and construction lights. Equipment rental does include additional rentals of restrooms, hand wash stations, and other items required to host a large event on the AMA property.

Fees and Services – This item covers tent rentals, Saturday night dinner, trash removal from the property, and cash for prizes for the winners of specific competitions.

Donations – These are donations made by individuals in furtherance of the Jamboree. Many are in support of the Scale Event for the Jamboree.

Sponsors – During this challenging year, we decided to change the Jamboree’s look and allow companies to become event promoters; this was a popular option in which five companies decided to participate. Horizon Hobby continued their Platinum Sponsor support of the Jamboree, for which we are grateful.

IRCHA Registration – This is the income IRCHA received from pilot pre-event and event registration.

Operating Budget for 2021 – The dedication of sponsors and pilots made the event possible. We had planned the event around having sufficient resources for the event in T-Shirts and other consumables but planned with a slim budget in the event many sponsors and pilots chose not to attend. The operating budget for 2021 will assist the IRCHA board in supporting clubs, events, and the hobby. In the coming year, the IRCHA board is planning to have IRCHA doing more activities as seen in the past, along with new activities in support of competition and events.

Fuel & Travel








Member Items


Room & Board


Equip. Rental


Fees & Services






IRCHA Registration


Operating Budget for 2021


We believe it is important for the membership to understand the current standing of the organization, but understand, the creation of this document took many hours to produce. The IRCHA Board is happy to volunteer and looks forward to seeing our members at events in the coming year. Especially as we work to support pilots and increase our transparency.