2024 Jamboree Golf Carts

2024 Jamboree Golf Cart Vendor

This year we have the Golf Carts on-site operated by the Golf Carts and Parts company which gave us a great service last year.

They will be on-site and provide service, fuel, etc. They can be rented from one-day to one week at a very affordable price as seen in the chart below. There is no curfew and all transactions will be handled by the golf cart rental company.

Please visit their Rental Page so you can reserve yours.

Negotiated prices for the IRCHA Jamboree are as seen in this chart:

This company stands behind their products and is very easy to work with. Truly an asset to have as our Golf Carts provider.

Once you are on their page please select IRCHA in the event menu.
you don’t need to pay now. You will get the reservation and pay at the event at the prices listed here.