2024 Jamboree FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the 2024 IRCHA Jamboree FAQ page! We’re thrilled to have you join us for this exciting event. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a first-time visitor, we understand that you might have some questions. To make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate the Jamboree. From event details to travel tips, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We’re here to ensure you have an unforgettable time at the Jamboree!

Q: How do I volunteer to help at the Jamboree?
A: We love volunteers and thank you for your interest. Our volunteers make the event happen, and we are extremely grateful for all the help! You can sign up here: 2024 Volunteer Signup.

Q: Do volunteers get any perks?
A: Yes! Volunteers get the following perks:

  • If you work 6 hours, you’ll get free registration.
  • For every hour above and beyond 6 hours, you will be paid $5/hr.
  • You will also receive special invitations to volunteer planning meetings with the Board!

Q: What are the preferred hotels to stay at in Muncie?
A: AMA has discount programs and preferred hotels throughout the Muncie area. Click on the link to see a list of preferred hotels, and remember to login to get AMA Member discount codes. Hotel info

Q: What time does the Jamboree start each day?
A: The Jamboree starts at 9:00 am with the National Anthem and flying of the Flag, followed by the Pilot Briefing.

Q: What time does the Jamboree end each night?
A: The Jamboree ends when you can’t keep your eyes open any more.

Q: Will there be food available on site?
A: Papa John’s will be serving up cheesy goodness from morning (breakfast pizza!) to late into the night Thursday-Saturday. There will also be a second food truck (details to be announced). The Pilots dinner will be served Saturday at 4:30 pm. Don’t forget to grab an extra ticket for your guest.

Q: I love the 35th Anniversary T-Shirt, how can I buy an extra one?
A: We will have additional shirts availalble at the Jamboree for $25 each.

Q: What are the best restaurants to eat at in Muncie?
A: Muncie is full of great restaurants. Here are several that attendees of prior Jamborees have enjoyed:

  • I-Hop – Breakfast
  • Bob Evans – Breakfast
  • Texas Roadhouse – Dinner

Q: How do I reserve an RV site?
A: By clicking on the link: CAMPSPOT/AMA you will be directed to Campspot, the reservation host for the AMA. Reservations are first come, first served.

Q: Are there locations for tent/primitive camping?
A: Yes, the AMA allows dry (RV and Tent, no power or water hookups) camping in designated areas (charges apply: $10 per day). You must register/check-in at AMA HQ to receive an orange placard for your campsite. You can camp pretty much anywhere at Site 4 South of the Flightline; just be mindful of other campers and stay behind the tent line.

Q: How do I check-in if I arrive after 5pm?
A: If you arrive after 5pm, make your way to your chosen site and please check-in the next day as soon as possible to receive your placard.

Q: Are there showers available?
A: Yes, all campers have access to the showers at Site 3. An access code will be given to you when you check-in.

Q: Are golf cart rentals available?
A: Yes, click here to be taken to the rental page. Remember to select IRCHA in the event section for special Jamboree rates.

Q: Will there be electric power on the flight line?
A: No, but this is a great way to make friends. Most RC Heli hobbyists are more than willing to help fellow pilots who had to fly in or who don’t have access to a generator. If all else fails, ask one of the Jamboree Crew, and we will get you flying—promise!

Q: Do I need an AMA number to fly at IRCHA?
A: If you are a US resident, you must be a current AMA member. Membership can be purchased or renewed using the following link: AMA Membership. If you are a non-US resident, you need to purchase an affiliate AMA membership using the following link: Affiliate Enrollment.

Q: Where’s the event going to be held?
A: It will be held at AMA’s IAC located at: AMA 5161 E Memorial Dr, Muncie, IN 47302.

Q: Google Maps took me to a dead end. Where am I, and how do I get to where I need to go?
A: Sometimes, Google Maps can be a bit tricky and lead you to the back gate. Make sure to enter through Memorial Dr. where the Museum is located. Here’s a tip: while Google might let you put “IRCHA Jamboree Site 4” as a destination, it can sometimes route you through the neighborhood behind Site 4 or around the lake, leading you to a locked gate. Google and Apple Maps don’t recognize that these roads are blocked by gates. This happens to someone every year, so we recommend using the museum as the event address to avoid any mix-ups.

Q: Help, I’m at the back gate and I don’t know how to back up my camper!
A: Uh-oh! It looks like you’ve discovered the infamous back gate. Don’t worry, you’re not the first! First, take a deep breath and resist the urge to set up camp right there. Instead, turn around (or practice your three-point turn skills) and head for Memorial Dr., where the Museum is located. That’s the official entrance to the event. We promise, no camper-backing skills are required once you find the right gate!