IRCHA Endorsed FunFlys Program

IRCHA International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association


As described on our Facebook page, the idea of IRCHA endorsed FunFly is to bring in new people and get them exposed to the excitement that a well-organized and solid FunFly can generate. Being able to bring them to a great show is likely to generate interest and new people in the hobby.

The IRCHA FunFly endorsement program will help guide and focus resources into events that bring unusual attention to the hobby due to their size, age, history, location and the potential attention they can bring into our hobby. IRCHA as a leading organization for the RC helicopter hobby will bring the gravitas that will help in promoting the endorsed FunFlys. Through promotion we will invite people from other hobbies and give them an opportunity to enjoy a great show. Additionally, IRCHA will also promote these events through social media, forums and other advertising avenues. We will help organizers bring the endorsed event to a critical mass, and to become a showcase worth attendance by the general public in those cities, states and communities.

IRCHA will also bring support for the endorsed event via new innovative ideas(to be accounted later) for IRCHA members that are present at those events. This promotion campaign will help to bring more people into the hobby and at the same time to club events. With this approach all parties benefit, the club by the promotion and vendors because will also get more exposure from their promotional expenses.

We will be developing additional perks for Endorsed FunFlys in the future as the program advances. We will start initially with events which we are familiar with the event organizers. This will aid in the learning period so we can work on ironing the details out and adjusting as we learn what it takes to make the program function smoothly. There are many factors which will be considered for the selection of these events.

All in all, we hope the program is a new exciting way to promote the RC helicopter hobby and to bring people from outside the hobby as well as to bring veterans back into the hobby who may be on a hiatus. This reinvented program will also help to encourage the long-time helicopter hobbyists to have a renewed passion for traveling to events.


IRCHA Board of Directors.