IRCHA Board of Directors

IRCHA Board of Directors

Dan Lucente

I am Minnesota grown, living in the northern part of the state for most of my life.  I served in the Army for 9 years, which allowed me to spend time in other parts of the county and world, but I always returned to Minnesota.  I started flying RC airplanes in the year 2000, and RC helicopters in 2006 with an Align Trex 450.  I attended the IRCHA Jamboree for the first time in 2007, and have been an integral part of the event since 2012. By trade I am an electrician for a life/fire safety company, with my specialty being in fire alarms.  My main hobby outside of RC is being a “Maker.”  I have several benchtop sized CNC machines, and multiple 3D printers.  I also dabble in open source hardware and software projects. I regularly fly with a group of friends from Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Most members of my flying group have RVs or travel trailers and travel to various fields about every other weekend during the season.  We turn each of these weekends into our own little fun-flys, called “friend flys”.  These events are open to all pilots, and bring people from all over the area to these local clubs.

Tim DiPeri

My hobbies include aviation of the model variety, primarily helicopters, golfing, woodworking, restoring antique furniture, and I am an amateur surgeon (looking for volunteers!). I have a soft spot for dogs, Pugs in particular. I enjoy cooking – not cleaning – and my family. Once, long ago, I flew a model airplane from Long Island (New York) to Bridgeport (Connecticut) over open water. I did it again with a helicopter about ten years later (the first and only to have done that to my knowledge). I did some projects for the film industry and the military, and those were fun.

Craig Bradley

Robert Montee Bio

Wes Minear

I started flying RC airplanes in 1994 with my dad, I started helicopters in 1997 when I was in 8th grade. The hobby has done a lot for me and I can only hope to give back close to what I have received. This hobby helped me develop my passion for aviation and I currently work as a corporate pilot flying around the world. I live in Arkansas with my wife and little girl who support all the time I put into the hobby with an understanding of why. In my fleet of helicopters I currently have: Diabolo Black Edition Electric, Diabolo Nitro, Diabolo Speed. I do also compete at the F3C level with 2 Quest Impactions. My current Motor and ESC of choice are Kontronik products with Futaba being my brand of choice for a flybarless controller and guidance.