2023 Nominees

How to Vote

Welcome to the page for the IRCHA Election.

Below are a list of the Nominees for the vacant Board position. Each member provided a bio about themslves and involvment in the hobby and organization. Please vote for the Board member you would like to see continue to help lead the organization.

To Vote: Pleas send an email to Election@IRCHA.org with your name and the name of the person you would like to vote for, to be elligable to vote you must have attended registered at the IRCHA Jamboree or purchased an IRCHA Membership.

Voting will be open for 25 days, please vote by February 25, 2023.


How to Vote, IRCHA - 2/01/2023

IRCHA 2023 Election Nominees

Jeffrey C. Young

Hello, my name is Jeffrey C. Young, and I am a Structural Designer by trade with over 30 years of experience designing any type of structure you can think of.

I purchased my first RC Helicopter in 1991, a Hirobo Shuttle ZXX with an Enya 35 and learned to hover with training gear at a local school at the end of my street.

I joined the St. Louis Whirlybirds in 1993 and have been an active member for almost 30 years and currently the club’s president. In addition, I am a board member of the Greater St. Louis Modeling Association (GSLMA) which oversees Buder Park (St. Louis County Public Park).

My first IRCHA attended was in 1999 in Hebron Ohio and I have not missed a single IRCHA in all those years. A group of us from St. Louis decided to volunteer and help setup IRCHA. It’s allot of work, but it sure is a great time with great people!

I feel I can bring innovation, balance, and common sense to the IRCHA we all treasure. Your thoughtful consideration for the open IRCHA position is appreciated.

Jeffrey C. Young

Augusto Arevalo (Auggie Copter)

Hello, my name is Augusto Arevalo. I’m known in the RC helicopter hobby and among good friends as Auggie or Auggie Copter. I currently live in the Seattle area in the state of WA on the West Coast.

I have been in the Model Aircraft Hobby since I was 7 years old. starting with control line planes with my dad. Started into helicopters in 1975 with a Schluter Heli-Baby. I’ve been an AMA Contest Director for close to 30 years. Am one of the founders of the San Diego Palomar RC Flyers Club’s Helicopter division and was its first Director. I also created and ran the San Diego Helicopter funfly to successfully fund the construction of the Palomar helicopter field and it became one of the largest funflys in the country which is an experience that can help when running the IRCHA Jamboree and Nats.

I personally know and have very good relations and frequent contact with pretty much all the owners and managers of the RC Helicopter manufacturing industry which I believe would be an asset for communication between IRCHA and the RC Helicopter Industry.

During my hobby career, I came up with several things that are currently standard equipment in today’s helicopters such as today’s hard dampeners (POM/Delrin), programmable heads, wear-proof ball links, the current nitro frame layout on most nitro helis and many other innovations.

More recently, I developed a video training course to help people develop instinctive flying abilities for RC Helicopter Flying and its “Auggie’s Ring” learning tool has been included in the Heli-X simulator and being used all over the world.

I developed and programmed the IRCHA Toolbox app for iPhone and Android that’s being used by thousands of Heli hobby enthusiasts.

Regarding what I consider relevant experience for this position, I have decades of experience directing different manufacturing companies as CEO and chairman of the board, so my management skills are well suited to help IRCHA organize and stay within a sound corporate governance and legal compliance.

I am deeply familiar with business law and business contracts which I believe is necessary for managing an organization like IRCHA and keeping it out of liability. I believe that there is currently numerous legal compliance issues that needs to be addressed and I feel that I’m the right person with the right experience to help the IRCHA board undertake that assignment. I feel that I have the gravitas and experience and it would be nice to add a West Coast member to the IRCHA board since there has been no representation for this side of the country.

I hope I can get your vote and be assured that, as most people already know. I am always open to communications via PMs on social media, texting, and phone calls so I’ll be a very accessible as I normally am to address any concerns from the members.

Happy Flying 🙂