2017 Jamboree President's Report

2017 Jamboree President's Report

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees, exhibitors and sponsors of the 2017 IRCHA Jamboree. We had a very successful event this year even while implementing a few changes in layout. The nets provided us with the benefit of creating an imaginary safety line that helped attendees and pilots to stay mindful of their positions on and to the flight line. The light towers were popular and we were lucky enough to have a sponsor, who saw how popular the lights were on the first night, come to us the next morning and ask if they could contribute the remaining money to cover the cost of the lights. For this reason, you saw company banners on the light towers. We have already made the reservations, the light towers will return for the 2018 IRCHA Jamboree.

We also made some changes to Thursday’s schedule this year by including the USA F3N Finals. We feel it is important to expose new generations of pilots to the FAI style of 3D competition. This is the only true internationally regulated 3D competition and it offers consistency in rules and judging for pilots. For 2018 we will once again have the finals of the USA F3N competition on center stage, but will change to the final music flight, which should be more appealing to the spectator crowd.

We have also decided to give everyone an idea of how much it actually takes and costs to run the event. In the document “Anatomy of a Large Event”, you will be able to see a basic picture of the time and monetary demands of an organization, and event the size of the IRCHA Jamboree.

Finally, we would like to report that we are in the process of renewing our 501 © status. Due to a clerical error, the paperwork had not been kept up to date. This in no way affects the organization or the event (accountants, Indiana Secretary of State, and IRS have all been consulted). This came to our attention prior to the event this year as we were adding the new officers to the accounts. After the 501 © status is renewed, we will be able to complete the 990 forms for reporting. Those documents will then be available for viewing once everything is complete. We expect this process will take 3-4 months so please don’t expect any new reporting on this prior to December. The current board members just received full account access this summer, as we needed to all be present, in person, to complete paper work at the bank in Muncie. It will take some time to get everything in order for future reporting.

We hope all of you have a great fall. We encourage you to get outside, fly, promote and enjoy the wonderful hobby of radio-controlled helicopters.

Charles Anderson,

IRCHA President